Amazing things happen when tenants and landlords learn how to work together

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Finally, a user’s manual
for tenants and landlords

Curriculum developed in conjunction with tenants, landlords, property managers, realtors, housing agencies, and public service agencies

On-demand online courses you can take day or night

Designed to accommodate learners of all types

Presented in four languages

Certification of completion after successfully finishing the course — which proves to current or future landlords that you’ll be a responsible tenant

LIFETIME access to the life skills for successful renting

EASY One-stop convenience to reliable information

Renters Pass: educational courses for tenants and landlords.

Let’s be honest: the tenant / landlord relationship can be a difficult one. If expectations aren’t met by either party, it’s all too easy to build distrust and close down lines of communication. The result is too many misunderstandings and evictions, and not enough safe and affordable housing.

Become a Responsible Tenant

The Renters Pass certification shows a commitment to quality housing and relationships.

  • Higher chance to be in good standing with local landlords
  • Develop important budgeting and life skills
  • Be more knowledgeable about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Less time and money spent moving from place to place
  • Feel empowered by understanding your rights and obligations
  • Get  your security deposit back in full

Be an Effective Landlord

The Effective Landlords certificate shows a commitment to quality housing.

  • Higher profitability and less time looking for new tenants
  • You create a more collaborative, successful environment
  • Learn your legal obligations and those of your tenants
  • Profit strategies to extend the life and value of your property
  • Discover methods for better communication and conflict resolutions
  • Help renters and their families become successful


Renters Pass is first of its kind education to help with one of life’s most challenging relationships. For just $30 (for tenants) and $50 (for landlords), we’ll help you build better partnerships and improve your rental experiences.


What Are You Waiting For?


My 20-year-old daughter is getting ready to move out. The Responsible Tenant course is exactly what she needs! I’m so grateful for it — it makes clear what her rights and responsibilities are, and can help prevent her from making some costly mistakes.

Lou S.


Easy to use. Great tips. I would recommend to my tenants. Very good tutorial. I would like to pay less, but have lost more money by making one mistake.

Kevin M.

Property Manager, Spokane Property Management

The Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest believes that educating Landlords and Tenants is a key element in developing constructive rental relationships. Through proper education both parties have a better understanding of their rights and obligations. Renters Pass Training is a comprehensive and valuable online training course that provides training for Landlords and Tenants.

Ed Cushman

President, Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest

Having rented numerous properties I learned that there are always little loop holes that can catch a tenant out when looking for a place to live. Knowing what a tenants rights and responsibilities are can reduce the risks and act as a safeguard for the unwary tenant. Having an easily accessible online training system would have been invaluable to increase my knowledge of rental requirements. Now in my work and being a mother of two sons in the rental market Rental Pass is a great resource to refer them to. That way I know they get the right information that is well researched, reliable and available 24/7.

Alison W.

Tenant, Mother

I’m planning on moving out with some friends and this course tells me everything I need to know. I love the resources tool kit that comes with it. I don’t know how to handle “house troubles” like a clogged toilet or how to change a furnace filter. Those resources will show me how!

Jenny A.


I think I’d like my tenants to take the course, and I’d be happy to reimburse them with something off the damage deposit, after a three month trial period. I’d like to see if the educational component helped them be better tenants.

Tanya Y.