About Renters Pass

Renters Pass creates long term housing success through three essential rental housing pillars: Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills.

Renters Pass for Tenants and Landlords training was developed specifically to meet community needs and resulted from extensive meetings with community stakeholders.
Landlords and tenants should focus together to create a safe and affordable home, a respectful working relationship, and to set clear expectations. Long term housing success will result when each party knows their obligations, has relevant experience, or has access to the life skills required to manage their responsibilities.

We teach landlords to create an environment for success through collaboration, education and reward for behavior. Renters Pass for Landlords educates Landlords on their legal obligations, explains how to be an Effective Landlord, develops a customer focus, the importance of maintaining the quality of a property, and improves profitability strategies and compliance. We teach landlords strategies that improve the benefit to those that use the property, reduce costs, extend the useful life of property, and improve the financial value of the property.

Our Story

We assembled a professional team to create a solution for long term housing success. We combined best practices in learning, best practices from a variety of business disciplines, life-skills, and online technologies. We now have an effective, flexible, easy to use learning environment in multiple languages that supports multiple learning styles. Renters Pass course curriculum was developed in conjunction with tenants, landlords, property mangers, realtors, housing agencies, and public service agencies, to provide tenants and landlords with tools for success. Many people are not specifically mentioned, however we acknowledge and celebrate their participation.

Alexander Scott

Alexander Scott

Principal Consultant

Alexander Scott holds a Bachelors in Business, MBA, Chartered Accountant (LSO Business Integration and Training). Alexander is the principal consultant of Strategem Business Consultants (strategembusinessconsultants.com). Alexander brings over 30 years business experience including financial, organizational, operational, marketing, construction, and business process re-engineering to this curriculum. Alexander is passionate about training in the workplace and has taught in business disciplines at an Australian technical college. Alexander is an experienced residential property investor, landlord, residential tenant, and commercial tenant. Alexander can be contacted by email at info@renterspass.org or by phone on (509) 362-1890.

Connie Wasem Scott

Connie Wasem Scott

Professional Writing and Rhetoric

Connie Wasem Scott, BA, MA in Professional Writing and Rhetoric (LSO Instructional Design). Connie has over 30 years of college teaching experience. Connie designs, develops, and implements online courses at Spokane Falls Community College, where’s she been a tenured faculty these past 16 years. In addition, she’s developed and incorporated media-rich web-based learning environments to supplement her on-ground teaching for the past ten years. She enjoys teaching a variety of adult learners, ranging from high school graduates to nontraditional returning students who’ve been out of school a long time. She is excited to bring her expertise in teaching adult learners in online courses, assessing learning outcomes, and fostering clear communications.

Special thanks to:

  • City of Spokane – Rental Housing Research Stakeholder Group – May 2015 to July 2016
  • Stakeholder and presenters – neighborhoods, landlords, tenants, Spokane Health Department, attorneys, City of Spokane (police, fire, building, code enforcement, Spokane Housing Authority, housing agencies, Spokane Low Income housing, City attorney)
  • Community participants
  • Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest
  • Advisory Board to the Renters Pass project
  • Participants in various focus groups to create and test the curriculum