Every home and apartment complex should have an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency. Fire in a home, wind storms or flood events happen often across the country.

Here are a few tips about preparing for emergency events in your home and neighborhood.

If an evacuation of your neighborhood is necessary, this will usually be announced by local officials via the radio, TV or by emergency text messages. Your survival kit should include flash lights, a portable radio and fresh batteries to ensure you can get the most up-to-date information if faced with an evacuation.

  1. Designate a place for all family members to meet. Make sure the meeting place is outside the impacted area.
  2. Map out an evacuation route. While there may be one well traveled route to your meeting place, make sure you have alternate routes mapped out in case your main route is blocked.
  3. Decide how family members will communicate if separated. Have alternate communication plans with which everyone is comfortable in case there is no phone service. Obtain cell phone numbers for texting; often times text messages will go through when cell service is compromised.
  4. Keep fuel in your car. Determine how much fuel you will need to reach your meeting place.
  5. Identify a contact person outside the affected area. Give their contact information to everyone in the family so they can serve as points of contact should you get separated.

Here is an interesting disaster checklist found on the internet.  https://www.travelers.com/iw-documents/resources/weather/emergency-preparedness/disaster-preparedness-checklist.pdf