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Renters Pass for Tenants and Landlords

  • Improves success to get into and retain rental housing
  • Reduces the costs of rental housing
  • Improves convenience
  • Reduces conflict


Renters Pass creates long term housing success through three essential rental housing pillars: Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills.

Renters Pass for Tenants and Landlords training was developed specifically to meet community needs and resulted from extensive meetings with community stakeholders.

Landlords and tenants should focus together to create a safe and affordable home, a respectful working relationship, and to set clear expectations. Long term housing success will result when each party knows their obligations, has relevant experience, or has access to the life skills required to manage their responsibilities.

We teach landlords to create an environment for success through collaboration, education and reward for behavior. Renters Pass for Landlords educates Landlords on their legal obligations, explains how to be an Effective Landlord, develops a customer focus, the importance of maintaining the quality of a property, and improves profitability strategies and compliance. We teach landlords strategies that improve the benefit to those that use the property, reduce costs, extend the useful life of property, and improve the financial value of the property.

The Effective Landlord course teaches landlords to develop the rental property, and to establish the expectations of living in the home, to find responsible tenants and to maintain the property with the tenants help. Both landlord and tenant share a responsibility to keep the property functional, clean and safe, to report problems, and to take actions to maintain the property. Maintaining the property varies between housekeeping, minor repairs, major repairs, or re-purposing. A well-maintained property will benefits landlords, tenants, and the community, and keeps the property available for future housing. The Effective Landlords certificate shows a commitment to quality housing.

The Responsible Tenants course empowers tenants by teaching all essential aspects of renting, by understanding their rights and obligations, and through access to DIY resources to develop safe homes. We teach tenants to create safe and healthy homes, to improve the benefits from the home, to collaborate with landlords, and through many life skills for housing success. This is a life-long value which can be applied to other areas on one’s life, to other geographic regions, and as pathways to secure long-term housing through renting or buying a home. The Renters Pass certification shows a commitment to quality housing and relationships.

The Resources tool kit is a library of practical life-skill lessons for tenants and landlords to create a safe and healthy home, with DIY home repairs and references to public resources for assistance in time of need. Included are explanations on conducting safety assessments, videos on interviewing techniques, cost saving strategies, interviewing techniques, and tax preparation and tax savings strategies.




Toolkit, Resources and Life-Skills for housing success

  • Over 40 videos, instructions, DIY examples of:
    • home safety, fire risks and evacuation, fire extinguisher use, emergency contact lists
    • housing standards, housing assistance programs, conflict resolution
    • housekeeping instructions, pest control, minor home repairs, yard maintenance, safe lawn mowing
    • living and caring for ageing and disabled people
    • identifying cost savings, appliance replacements
    • emergency contacts and community assistance
    • insurance, financial, tax issues
    • 60+ ways tenants can save
    • 60+ ways landlords can save
    • finding State housing laws
  • Easy online purchase of: Lease forms and Addendums. Templates for property manuals, home safety inspections, emergency home evacuations, and simple accounting record keeping. Books and many more useful tools.

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“When everyone is educated, everyone wins.”


Wide variety of learning methods:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Text
  • Interactive


It’s Easy

Using the system is as easy as can be. Watch a video, listen to an audio file, read some text.  Each course can have as many lessons as you like, and each lesson can have a test associated with it.  Successful completion of a course can auto-generate a printable certificate. Easy!

It’s Accessible

Use a smart phone, tablet, or computer on the bus, in a plane, even at your local library. All you need is an internet connection.

It Works

People learn using a variety of methods. Use as many or as few as you like.  Test after each lesson to ensure your understanding.  It’s the best system available.



Designed for a variety of learners

People learn using a variety of methods. Use as many or as few as you like.  Test after each lesson to ensure your understanding.  It’s the best system available.

Renters Pass is designed with a variety of learners in mind. First, it covers the 6 phases of a rental cycle and leads to certification that can improve your chances at getting the rental property of your dreams and can improve your relationship with your landlord, which leads to a healthier and more secure life.

Renters Pass is designed with Flexible Learning! The course allows learners 3 different ways to take the course:

  • Experienced renters can speed track through to completion
  • People who’ve rented but need more info can focus on what they need to know
  • People new to renting take the entire course to empower them and build security.

You take the course at your own pace, no matter which of the above approaches is best for you.


Reaching other languages or those with low vision

Additional features support learners who lack experience or confidence in taking an online course, or people who lack strong reading skills in English, or people with learning disabilities or challenges:

  • The course is designed to work well with Screen Readers (many of which are free to download and use. The following are free: NVDA / Serotek Systems Access (for Windows), / Apple VoiceOver / ChromeVox or ChromeVis (for Google Chrome browers).
  • A screen reader provides an audio version of each lesson, which helps people with a variety of language or learning challenges.
  • The course is available in multiple languages, the ones most common in Spokane: Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. Others to follow.


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Testimonials from industry associations:

“The Landlord Association believes that educating Landlords and Tenants is a key element in developing constructive rental relationships. Through proper education both parties have a better understanding of their rights and obligations. Renters Pass Training is a comprehensive and valuable online training course that provides training for Landlords and Tenants.”  Ed Cushman, President, Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest. April, 6, 2017.

“Renters Pass for Responsible Tenants provides the certification and life skills which housing staff in our industry need. Staff understand the organizations role in a rental property and help to teach the clients we assist with housing. Having a single point of contact for this comprehensive information is a cost effective, versatile and efficient way of teaching these valuable skills.” Bettie, Housing Coordinator, Aacres / SLStart (provider of housing for diverse populations) April 2017.


Testimonials from property managers:

The course was logical, easy to understand and relevant to the things a landlord should know. The information was valuable and gives sound advice. The course is comprehensive, includes ownership issues, renovations and improvements, marketing to tenants, and then setting a platform for tenants to succeed. Kevin McKee, Property Manager, Registered Broker. April 2017


Testimonials from tenants and landlords:

  •  At last we have a step by step guide which keeps Renters on the right side of the Landlord and helps Landlords tick all the boxes.
  • Renters and Landlords are partners in a home – if each party fulfills their obligations and respect each other’s rights, it makes for a happy relationship.
  • Well done Renter’s Pass!   I bought a copy today and look forward to hassle free times!
  • My 20-year-old daughter is getting ready to move out. The Responsible Tenant course is exactly what she needs! I’m so grateful for it — it makes clear what her rights and responsibilities are, and can help prevent her from making some costly mistakes.
  • Having rented numerous properties I learned that there are always little loop holes that can catch a tenant out when looking for a place to live. Knowing what a tenants rights and responsibilities are can reduce the risks and act as a safeguard for the unwary tenant. Having an easily accessible online training system would have been invaluable to increase my knowledge of rental requirements. Now in my work and being a mother of two sons in the rental market Rental Pass is a great resource to refer them to. That way I know they get the right information that is well researched, reliable and available 24/7. Sarah K – April 2017.
  • Wish this course would’ve been available when I started renting a few years ago. Would’ve helped me deal with my landlord.
  • I learned more than I thought I would since I’ve been renting a house for a few years now. What a helpful course!
  • I’m planning on moving out with some friends and this course tells me everything I need to know. I love the resources tool kit that comes with it. I don’t know how to handle “house troubles” like a clogged toilet or how to change a furnace filter. Those resources will show me how!
  • What would you recommend to others about this course? Renters learning their rights.
  • What did you find useful? Washington State Landlord Tenant Laws.
  • Train yourself. Make sure your tenants are trained also so that you both share the same information and can resolve issues quickly and without problems.
  • It’s very flexible now, all that is required is an internet connection and a device.
  • I like the information it gives me about how to deal properly with my tenants. If I know the law, I won’t be caught off guard.
  • I had issues with my tenant that, if I’d taken this course, would have been resolved more quickly.
  • It just takes time to get through all the questions. It’s pretty thorough.
  • More videos that address “how to” make repairs would be helpful.
  • I think I’d like my tenants to take the course, and I’d be happy to reimburse them with something off the damage deposit, after a three month trial period. I’d like to see if the educational component helped them be better tenants.
  • Easy to use. Great tips. I would recommend to my tenants. Very good tutorial. I would like to pay less, but have lost more money by making one mistake.



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