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Finally, a user’s manual
for landlords

The Effective Landlord certificate is a commitment to quality housing.


The Effective Landlord course teaches landlords to develop the rental property, establish expectations of living in the home, to specifically seek out and find responsible tenants, and to maintain the property with the tenants help.


Both landlord and tenant share a responsibility to keep the property functional, clean and safe, to report problems, and to take actions to maintain the property. Maintaining the property varies between housekeeping, minor repairs, major repairs, or re-purposing.


A well-maintained property benefits landlords, tenants, and the community, and keeps the property available for future housing.

Renters Pass: educational courses for landlords.

The Effective Landlord Certificate is a commitment to quality housing and relationship valued by prospective tenants, banks, insurers, and suppliers.

You help tenants complete the Responsible Tenants Course to understand issues about their rights and responsibilities.


You set the foundations for successful relationships and help tenants focus on a common goal of providing quality, safe, and affordable housing.


You help the tenant to maintain the property with you.


Help tenants to be knowledgeable, responsible and to look after a rental property.


As an Effective Landlord will know how to:


  • Increase the profits and create better long term value from your property
  • Find and keep the best renters even in tough markets
  • Negotiate lease terms that betters suit your needs and those of your renters
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities under Federal, State rental laws
  • Know the obligations of your tenants are and how to communicate effectively
  • Create a safe and healthy homes for your tenants and to reduce health and safety risks
  • Create a productive relationship with your tenants and resolve conflicts quickly
  • Focus on the best use of the property for you and for the tenant
  • Empower tenants and to reward them for positive behaviors
  • Avoid nasty evictions that are expensive and will damage your reputation
  • How to get your property back in great condition and to reduce time to rent again
  • Have a pathway to rental success and to reduce your mortgage significantly




Membership comes LIFETIME access to the updated lessons.


When everyone is educated, Everyone wins.

Be an Effective Landlord


Renters Pass is first of its kind education to help with one of life’s most challenging relationships. For just $50, we’ll help you build better partnerships and improve your rental experiences.


What Are You Waiting For?


The Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest believes that educating Landlords and Tenants is a key element in developing constructive rental relationships. Through proper education both parties have a better understanding of their rights and obligations. Renters Pass Training is a comprehensive and valuable online training course that provides training for Landlords and Tenants.

Ed Cushman

President, Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest

Easy to use. Great tips. I would recommend to my tenants. Very good tutorial. I would like to pay less, but have lost more money by making one mistake.

Kevin McKee

Property Manager, Spokane Property Management

  • I like the information it gives me about how to deal properly with my tenants. If I know the law, I won’t be caught off guard.
  • I had issues with my tenant that, if I’d taken this course, would have been resolved more quickly.
  • It just takes time to get through all the questions. It’s pretty thorough.
Tana. Y.

Landlord, Tenant, Mother

The course was logical, easy to understand and relevant to the things a landlord should know. The information was valuable and gives sound advice. The course is comprehensive, includes ownership issues, renovations and improvements, marketing to tenants, and then setting a platform for tenants to succeed.

Alexander Scott

Property Investment Adviser, Property Manager, Quokka Consulting LLC

  • At last we have a step by step guide which keeps Renters on the right side of the Landlord and helps Landlords tick all the boxes.
  •  Renters and Landlords are partners in a home – if each party fulfils their obligations and respect each other’s rights, it makes for a happy relationship.
Lavinia Sellers

Landlord, Tenant, Business Owner, Office Cleaning Experts