Lesson DLSO: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Memory Loss – Caring for a person in the home


After completing this lesson you will be able to recognize the characteristics of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Memory Loss and how to care for people in the home. This lesson includes a series of videos and fact sheets.

What is Alzheimers disease –


— Alzheimer’s Disease Fact Sheet – https://www.nia.nih.gov/alzheimers/publication/alzheimers-disease-fact-sheet

— How to care for a person living with Alzheimer, dementia or memory loss: https://monkeysee.com/how-to-care-for-someone-living-with-alzheimers-dementia-or-memory-loss/

— How to communicate with a person with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Memory Loss – https://monkeysee.com/how-to-communicate-with-a-family-member-with-alzheimers-dementia-or-memory-loss/

— How to manage difficult behaviors from a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia – https://monkeysee.com/how-to-manage-difficult-behaviors-from-a-family-member-with-alzheimers-or-dementia/

— How to person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia with Eating – https://monkeysee.com/how-to-help-a-family-member-with-alzheimers-or-dementia-with-eating/

— How to help a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia with Bathing – https://monkeysee.com/how-to-help-a-family-member-with-alzheimers-or-dementia-with-bathing/

— How to help a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia with Toileting –https://monkeysee.com/how-to-help-a-family-member-with-alzheimers-or-dementia-with-toileting/

— What is incontinence: http://www.continence.org.au/pages/what-is-incontinence.html


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