Lesson DLSO: About Learning Systems Online



Our Mission       We make customized training accessible.

Our Vision          We provide affordable learning systems to organizations and communities to meet their training needs.

Our Goals            To develop a widely-used training system comprising:

  • affordable online learning technology (the technology is scalable, quality, mobile)
  • customizable training course development
  • a variety of media and modalities to reach all learning styles
  • the ability to translate training course-ware into different languages
  • support services to help everyone achieve success


Learning Systems Online provides tailored training solutions to organizations to help them achieve their goals. We are professional educators, technologists, and business consultants. Learning Systems Online provides affordable and scalable learning technology, sound instructional design and methodologies, and competency assessments with final certification.




Who we are

We bring together education, technology, organizational development and business experience to develop training solutions. Our principal consultants are current and past professors, creative technology experts, media designers, and business consultants. We are experienced in developing training courses for higher education, community learning, systems and process documentation and training within organizations using LEAN principles. We are flexible and dynamic, can draw on industry experts, and enjoy seeing the success of others though our energies.

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