Lesson DLSO: The benefits to an organization of using online training and learning



An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage  – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Online training is a cost-effective, feasible, and scalable way to make sure your employees know what you need them to know. LSO offers tailored training solutions for you to —

  • orient / induct new staff
  • provide additional training for current staff
  • customize course content to fit your organization’s needs


Generally speaking, the kind of staff training LSO can provide you —

  • increases your organization’s efficiency
  • improves excellence through standardized training among staff
  • reduces the need for supervision
  • incentivizes staff to learn more and therefore perform at their best


Do you have an ‘Employees Handbook’ or some other training or orientation manual? Do you test your staff to make sure they’ve actually read it? Let LSO turn your orientation and other training material into an online course. We can —

  • administer the content
  • quiz over the most important elements
  • certify a success rate that is set by you (70%?  80%?  100%?)


Additional benefits of using LSO’s training solutions:

  1. Quick and cost effective dissemination of training material to staff
  2. Built-in assessment and certification features assures staff competency
  3. An organization that provides training attracts and retains staff and builds staff loyalty
  4. Training courses can range from small tasks to creative problem-solving
  5. Information and reference material can be stored at a convenient location to access quickly and for future access
  6. Significant savings in the cost of physical training locations and training materials


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