The benefits of learning online – students and employees


Benefits of learning online to students and employer

  1. Self-paced – learning at the speed best suited to the individuals learning abilities through written and visual media, learn at one’s own pace, covering as little or as much as wanted at any given time, pause, rewind, or revisit the lesson.
  2. Using technology to develop learning sequences using combinations of learning, exercises to increase knowledge and understanding of a topic
  3. Instant feedback through assessment
  4. Flexible style of learning through Pause, rewind and speed-up
  5. Engaging better with the student through gamification or incentivizing
  6. Peer learning through related blogs, questions and answers
  7. Comfort – not bound to a physical classroom, one can study from any location
  8. Convenience – system is available on-line at any time through mobile phone, computer or tablet
  9. Knowledge and Skills improvements – tailored training improves the individuals ability to function as a member of staff or within the community
  10. Recognition – completion of specific course is certified and looks great on a resume
  11. Lower costs to students through the flexible delivery methods – no costly books, travel or inconvenience of making class on time
  12. Accessible learning to low income people through free public access nodes such as public libraries or community centers
  13. Information and reference material is stored at a convenient location to access quickly and easily in the future
  14. Develops technical skills – participating in an online course builds skills with technology
  15. Promotes life long learning
  16. Online courses connect one with the global village