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Welcome to the Rental Readiness Course of Community Services Program of West Alabama.

The aim of this program is to help you to prepare for rental success.

You must complete the “Rental Readiness Intake Disclosure Privacy Policy Authority Release form”. Here is a direct link to the form (7 pages): Rental Readiness Intake_Disclosure_Privacy Policy_Auth Release_Packet rev08232017

This course contains a lessons, which you may read, or watch videos, and we then have a quiz to help you understand the lessons. You will register to this site using your email and password. Once you pass the assessment, you can print a Certificate of Completion. You will also have life time access through this web-site to many videos, lessons to help you maintain a safe home, and to show you where to get help, and to give you links to rental information and laws across the USA.

This course contains:

  • CSP Rental Readiness Program Intake at Course Registration
  • We will cover the course through the following Chapters:


Overview and Benefits of the Responsible Tenant Course

Chapter 1: Find the Rental Property that Fits Your Needs
Lesson 1: Define Your Housing Needs
Lesson 2: Personal Budgeting
Quiz over Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Apply for a Rental Property
Lesson 1: Get Familiar with the Screening Process and Costs
Lesson 2: Prepare a Strong Application
Quiz over Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Sign the Lease and Move In
Lesson 1: Information about Leases
Lesson 2: Paying the First Rent and Deposits
Quiz over Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Living in Your Rental Property
Lesson 1: Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities [add Renters Insurance section from Ch. 3 - Lesson 4]
Lesson 2: Property Damage and Who is Responsible for Repairs [add Communicate Quickly and Clearly section from Ch. 4 – Lesson 4]
Quiz over Chapter 4

Chapter 5: The End of the Rental Agreement and Moving Out
Lesson 1: Your Options to Renew, Convert, or End a Lease Early
Lesson 2: When a Landlord Can Terminate a Lease Early
Lesson 3: Property Inspection at Move-Out and Return of Deposit
Quiz over Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Federal and Alabama State Rental Laws
Lesson 1: Federal and Alabama State Rental Laws
Quiz over Chapter 6
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