CSP and RentersPass Considerations Overview



Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc. (CSP) is a private non-profit organization established in 1967 with satellite offices located in the following ten (10) counties: Bibb, Choctaw, Dallas, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, Perry, Sumter and Tuscaloosa Counties. CSP provides limited programs to the following additional counties: Pickens and Marengo.

Quick Facts (most recent 2-year averages or totals):

  • 735M in total reported investment for homes preserved and homeowners created (60 households)
  • 15k+ unduplicated persons served
  • 900+ infants, toddlers, and children provided continuous and accessible dental care, health care, and/or education and development services

What We Would Like to Achieve with RentersPass.org

  • Establish a long-term partnership with RentersPass.org to offer landlord and tenant education services as a part of a comprehensive Rental-Readiness Program
  • Provide online and mobile-friendly rental education that is available (24/7) and offers to target audiences both convenience and localized service throughout entire coverage area
  • Foster ongoing collaboration between CSP’s Property Management and Housing Counseling Departments to fully leverage the capacity of RentersPass.org as a unique brand system within the framework of CSP’s Rental-Readiness Program
  • Develop profit sharing opportunities to help with program sustainability and growth for both RentersPass.org and CSP as well as other HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies

RentersPass response: We are excited to be part of your success and will happy develop suitable training programs to meet your needs. RentersPass.org uses an online “learning management system” which is accessible 24/7 using any internet capable device. The training could be generic (using the Responsible Tenant Course) and CSP specific tailored content could added. A certificate is generated at the completion of the course, this could be tailored to CSP requirements. Profit sharing opportunities are possible through “CSP vouchers”, these include the subscribers, books, forms, or other merchandise.


CSP’s Rental-Readiness Program

  • Preparing to officially launch in FY21 (no later than September 30, 2021)
  • Purposed to affirmatively further fair, affordable, and accessible rental housing opportunities as aid to landlords and tenants throughout CSP’s coverage area
  • Positioned to bring efficiencies to the landlord and tenant ecosystem with the development of a rental-ready network of renters as well  as a rental-ready network of landlords with the goal of helping both yield time and monetary savings associated with fulfillment of housing needs

(RentersPass response: CSP specific course content can be developed quickly by incorporating or converting existing training content into text, images, forms, or videos. RentersPass has existing training courses for Renters and for Landlords. A focused curriculum for New Homeowners can be developed.) 

CSP’s Property Management Department

To date, CSP’s Property Management Department is responsible for a mission-driven portfolio of 506 units. CSP has led an effort to resolve inadequate housing stock in Tuscaloosa and a number of rural communities. Family oriented apartment communities and opportunities for home ownership are important components of a stable community. CSP leads a collaborative effort to meet those needs in West Alabama. CSP also provides housing opportunities for families through the construction of new single-family housing, the rehabilitation of existing housing and the construction and maintenance of multi-family housing.

RentersPass response: We are experienced in developing affordable housing solutions through rehabilitation, investor funding, training, dealing with foreclosures, people in housing problems, mediation etc.) We would be happy to discuss any opportunities to assist. 


CSP’s Housing Counseling Department

We practice housing counseling as a HUD-approved local housing counseling agency. Additionally, we are one (1) of twenty (20) Community Action Agencies in the State of Alabama as well as one (1) of approximately two-hundred and forty five (245) NeighborWorks® Chartered-member organizations throughout the United States.

RentersPass response: We see enormous benefits to develop industry wide solutions etc. We would be happy to discuss any opportunities to assist. 

Housing Counseling Outcomes & Demographic Snapshot:

  • In Fiscal Years 2019-2020 (October 2018 – March 2020), we served a total of 1,546 households:
    • 324 completed financial literacy workshop, including home affordability, budgeting and understanding use of credit;
    • 647 completed rental education and/or counseling;
    • 397 completed pre-purchase homebuyer education and/or counseling;
    • 48 purchased a home after receiving housing counseling services;
    • 30 completed non-delinquency, post-purchase education and/or counseling;
    • 84 completed resolving or preventing mortgage delinquency education and/or counseling;
    • 64 completed other workshop and/or homeless assistance counseling;
  • Area Median Income = (AMI) of households served
    • 44% < 30% AMI
    • 26% 30-49% AMI
    • 21% 50-79% AMI
    • 5% 80-100% AMI
    • 4% > 100% AMI


Our Housing Counseling Goals or Emphasis:

  • Be Holistic (combining education with 1-on-1 coaching and counseling)
  • Be Full Cycle (from homeless, to rental, to homeownership, to post-purchase (including home maintenance/refinance), to foreclosure/loss mitigation)
  • Be Financial Capability-Focused (focusing on behavioral change, goal and action-oriented tasks, increased product and service knowledge with regard to financial services, and improved credit, debt, and savings outcomes)
  • [while] leveraging data and technology to improve reach as well as housing search assistance across service area



Renters Pass response in Blue

·        Internet-based – YES ·        Spanish Language Option – YES
·        24/7 (or any time of day) Access – YES ·        Mobile Phone Friendly – YES
·        Administrative Dashboard – YES ·        Production Reports
·        Customizable Evaluation – YES ·        Certificate of Completion – YES
·        Registration/Completion Alerts – YES ·        Payment Options – YES
·        Revenue Sharing – YES ·        Information Security – YES


Side Bar in Closing

Real Estate Development Opportunity

Goal: increase the # of available affordable single- and multi- (2-4 unit) rental housing homes through targeted comprehensive community development efforts. Question: Could an opportunity exist to establish a real estate development line of business consultancy agreement? If yes, a proposal would need to address the following:

The Need:
CSP needs a real estate development consultant to work with and mentor the director of housing programs as he develops the necessary real estate development skill set and to help address with some urgency the development and support of CSP’s pipeline and delivery of affordable rental housing.

Objectives and Outcomes:
Develop a plan of action and timeline for the mentoring of the director of housing programs.
Develop a written process which highlights finance and development oversight for the successful rehab of the two multi-family properties in the pipeline for 2021. This includes working with Hollyhand Development who has been the organization’s long-term development partner and is spearheading these two projects.
Develop pipeline beyond two projects already in process; consultant will help to identify specific property or site acquisition and/or financing opportunities.
Develop a plan of action and timeline to be used in the re-energizing of the board real estate committee including membership, meeting agendas and appropriate reporting.

(RentersPass response: This is a very important, and exciting aspect. We have not anticipated the above, but would be willing to assist in finding mentors, training programs, and developing training for directors of housing programs.)