Lesson DLSO: What LSO does — focus on Tailored Training Solutions



LSO offers your organization a variety of training solutions: 

  • We can sell you a course we’ve already created that you determine meets your organization’s needs
  • We can customize courses for you, based on your directions or by working with your HR department or designated supervisor
  • We can provide you with our LSO software so you can create your own courses


LSO provides training that is integrated with your organization’s goals and leads to lasting improvement.

Ease of accessibility for users: Our training courses are accessible with a computer, tablet, or smart phone:

Computer phone tablet

The following video is by Deakin Prime, an Australian-based company that provides business training for corporations. We include it here because their instructional design concept most closely aligns with ours. Worth noting here is that LSO offers a more affordable product that is equally effective for staff training.





















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