Overview and Benefits of the Responsible Tenant course

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The Responsible Tenant course is aimed at those of you who are first-time renters as well as those of you who already have some rental experience. The purpose of the course is to empower you, the tenant, with knowledge about each step of the rental process, how to build a solid working relationship with your landlord, and what your rights and responsibilities are as the tenant. The course ends with a Certificate of Completion that attests to your taking the course and passing the quizzes successfully.


Benefits of taking the Responsible Tenant course:

After you take the course, you will know –

  • how to prepare the best application so you’ll have a better chance of getting the rental that best fits your needs.
  • what is covered in a rental lease agreement, and what legal obligations you’re agreeing to when you sign a lease.
  • what your responsibilities and rights are as a tenant, and what rights and responsibilities are your landlord’s.
  • how to develop an effective working relationship with your landlord, or what your options are if your landlord is not cooperative.
  • what do to when you move out to ensure you get all of your security deposit back.
  • how to maintain a good rental history and avoid evictions.


How the course is organized, in the book form and in the online course:

The course is set up in 6 chapters, with each chapter focused on 1 of the 6 steps in the rental process. In the book, the chapters are clearly laid out for you. In the online course, these 6 chapters are grouped in learning “modules.”

Whether you’re studying the book in print form or you’re taking the course online, you’ll see that each chapter contains 4 distinct lessons. At the end of the online course chapters, you’ll come to a quiz that covers all the lessons in that chapter. Completing the quizzes with an 80% or better will earn you the Certificate of Completion. Quizzes can be taken as often as needed to achieve this success rate, and the correct answers are reviewed for you, so you’ll be better prepared to pass the quiz on subsequent tries.

Each lesson is the equivalent of 3 to 5 pages. We’ve kept them short and sharply focused, so the amount of information is presented to you in manageable sections. You’ll notice that the first couple of chapters present what to some people would be considered “common knowledge,” such as the various types of rental properties and where to look for a property in your city. We include details because they are useful to the first-time renter. In those early chapters, we also include tips on how to put the most effective application forward, which may be useful even to the experienced renter.


6 Steps in the Rental Process


6 Steps in the Rental Process



The book vs. the online course:

There are benefits to both formats of this course. Some people are more book-oriented in their studies. Books are easily portable and require no electricity or internet connection to tote around and read. Other people prefer to study online. Such people can access the online course using their cell phone, a tablet, or a PC. For those of you who have ready access to the internet, this might be your preferred option.

The limitation of the book form is this: the quizzes that lead to the Certificate of Completion are available in the online course only. For our book-loving students, we encourage you to study the lessons in the book, and then go online to take the quizzes at the end of each chapter/module. That way, you too can benefit from earning the Certificate of Completion.


Other benefits of the online version of Responsible Tenant course:

When you take the Responsible Tenant course online, other beneficial features become available to you. In the course, we provide many useful forms and checklists that you can easily download, print, and put to good use. Additionally, you’ll have access to the Resource Toolkit, which provides so many tips on how to maintain a home or fix a household problem, many ways to save money in the renting process, and tips and tricks which build life-long skills. We all know that such videos are readily available on YouTube and elsewhere. We have saved you a couple of steps by providing some of the best videos on home maintenance and repair available on the internet, in one handy location. Lastly, the online course will be updated on a regular basis, so you can always be sure of getting the latest information from the online course. Printed books just can’t get updated like an online resource can.



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