Overview of this Tenant Essentials course


This course explains the rental process and your options and responsibilities at each step in the process. There are 6-steps, with lessons in each step to explain the essential things you need to know. After each lesson, a quiz will reinforce the lesson.


The 6-steps from start-to-end are:

  1. preparing to rent
  2. finding a property
  3. signing a lease
  4. during the rental period
  5. ending the lease
  6. laws and rules.


Tenant perspective of the steps in the Rental Cycle


Finish each lesson before moving to the next one. At the end of the course, you can print a certificate. This certificate can be presented with your application when you are trying to secure a rental home, or you can show the certificate to a current landlord.

The Responsible Tenant training comes with a THREE bonus courses:

  1. LAWS AND RULES explains the Federal, State and local government rules that apply to this rental property.
  2. RESOURCES for Tenants and Landlords – helps tenants in need of emergency services or help relating to housing, financial and legal needs.
  3. HOME SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE – give lots of helpful advice on how to make your home safe and how to care for the property you are renting. Be sure to Bookmark this LSO site so you can return to the Resource Package whenever it’ll be helpful to you.



These lessons will help to identify the best property and location for your needs.

  • Defining Needs and Wants:
    • What kind of property best suits my needs?
    • Where should I rent?
    • What can I afford?
    • Should I share my house with someone else?
    • How should you prepare to move?
    • What is the fair rent for this property?
    • How do I compare different properties?

These lessons will help plan your application to rent logically and to present yourself as a responsible tenant.

  • Preparing Yourself:
    • What do I need to prepare to rent?
    • How should I present myself?
    • What are landlords looking for?
    • How to stand out as being an excellent tenant?
    • How do I explain bad news in a better way?



These lessons explain the essentials about finding a property, making your application to rent and how the landlord decides who to rent the property to.

  • Finding the Right Property for You:
    • Where are properties advertised?
    • What should I look for when inspecting a property?
    • How much to pay?
    • What is the screening process?
    • How much will the application process cost?
    • Are my fees refundable?



These lessons explain the essential things you need to know about a lease agreement and your responsibilities.

  • Signing up for your home:
    • What is a Lease?
    • What is a Rental Agreement?
    • What are the rules for this particular property?
    • What documents will I need to sign?
    • What are the real costs of renting?
    • What is the tenant responsible for?
    • What is an inspection report?
    • What documents must I sign?



These lessons explain the essential things you need to know when you live in the property. The lesson explains what happens if the terms or the lease are broken, illegal activities occur at the property, as well as the responsibilities of tenants and landlords for repairs and maintenance during the rental period.

  • Moving  In:
    • How do I pay my rent?
    • What happens if I can’t meet my obligations?
    • How do I change the terms of my lease?
    • What happens when a lease term is breached?
    • What privacy can I expect?



These lessons explain the essential things you need to know about ending the lease, how to renew a lease and how to leave a property. The lesson also explains how to avoid being evicted and where to seek help when being evicted.

  • Moving Out:
    • What happens at the end of the Lease?
    • Can a lease continue?
    • What are my responsibilities when coming to the end of a lease?
    • What must I do to get my deposit back?
    • What are the cleaning standards required when ending a lease?
    • When should I get my deposit back?
    • What happens if my deposit is not enough to cover damages?
    • Do I get my deposit back if my lease turns into a rental agreement?


Step 6 – LAWS AND RULES*Overview of laws and rules relating to residential rentals – Tenant training

Note: Step 6 of the rental cycle – Laws and Rules – is held in the Resources section.



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