Purpose of the Responsible Tenant Pass Course


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The Responsible Tenant course benefits first time tenants, experienced tenants, tenants that have bad rental history, or those with bad rental experiences. The Responsible Tenant course compliments the Effective Landlord course, and both parties have the greatest chance of rental success.


Renters Pass training improves rental behavior by teaching rights, responsibilities and through access to life skills that will create future long term rental success.


The course teaches tenants to be understand the landlords perspective and to work together so that both parties are successful and benefit from the rental relationship.


The Responsible Tenant course describes the rental process through a 6-stage approach. This includes identifying current and future housing needs, understanding the value of different properties to the tenants life, selling oneself as a responsible tenant when competing for the property,the processes in a rental cycle from finding a rental property to effectively moving out, empowers tenants to negotiate fair and useful lease terms, to require and undertake minor repairs, and to communicate with landlords about potential problems. Tenants learn how to create a safe and healthy home, and to manage the rental property in conjunction with the landlords, where both parties succeed in maintaining the value of property, and resolve issues and problems together.


Tenants are taught ways to save money, reduce living costs, improve convenience and comfort, and to reduce conflicts with neighbors and landlords. The education creates good tenant behavior, reduces housing costs, improves housing quality, adds to the safety and pleasure of living in one’s own home, and results in less conflict and evictions.


The Renters Pass Certificate acknowledges that a Tenant completed the Responsible Tenant course, understands the rental process, the basic rights and responsibilities as a tenant, ways to develop a successful rental relationship. Landlords respect the value the Renters Pass certificate because it shows that the tenant is committed to a responsible rental relationship.  The tenant has developed their own skills, knowledge and understanding of their rights and responsibilities of looking after a rental property. Landlords prefer qualified tenants because can show that they are educated, committed and capable of looking after the landlords property.


The Toolkit, Resources and Life Skills course  creates positive behavior by teaching personal life skills. Over 50 life skills lessons are available to landlords and tenants, providing practical ways to make a home safe, complete housekeeping activities safely, make minor repairs, and to find resources. Lessons include budgeting, insurance, interview techniques, and mediation. These life skills learned is be applied to other aspects of life, and adds to long term multi-generational benefits across the community.