Purpose of the Effective Landlord Course

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We teach landlords to create an environment for success through collaboration, education and reward for behavior.

For Landlords: Be an Effective Landlord, is a course aimed predominantly at residential landlords, property investors, and property managers. The Effective Landlord compliments the Responsible Tenant Passport course which develops and empowers tenants.


The course teaches landlords to do good business by being responsible and astute. The course draws on the skills and experience of successful landlords, property managers, tenants, and from best business practices from other industries.


An effective landlord must be a good investor, a good property manager, and use a customer focus.


The Effective Landlord course describes a business model to being a landlord through a 6-stage approach. This includes developing a rental product (house or apartment), identifying a target market and marketing to that market, managing the property effectively, reducing damage and low vacancy, and thereby maximizing revenue and long term value. Landlords are provided with new and novel ways to manage the rental property in conjunction with tenants, where both parties succeed in maintaining the value of property, and resolve issues and problems together.This course is also of benefit to landlords who choose to outsource the property management function with the understanding of how to create and demand well run and profitable rentals. Landlords are taught to save money, reduce operating costs and administration, and to create long term value.


The Responsible Tenant certification educates tenants about all aspects of renting, empowers tenants and landlords to manage the rental outcomes, to reduce conflict between landlord and tenant, reduce risk and reduce insurance costs and is beneficial to all parties. Tenants are taught to save money, reduce costs, create safe homes, and to achieve long term housing success.


The Toolkit, Resources and Life Skills course  creates positive behavior by teaching personal life skills. Over 50 life skills lessons are available to landlords and tenants, providing practical ways to make a home safe, complete housekeeping activities safely, make minor repairs, and to find resources. Lessons include budgeting, insurance, interview techniques, and mediation. These life skills learned is be applied to other aspects of life, and adds to long term multi-generational benefits across the community.

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