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Tenant Essentials: Introduction to be a Responsible Tenant, assist new renters, people from different cultures, or languages, to understand the essential processes, rights and responsibilities of being a tenant. Tenant Essentials provides the foundation for a pathway to successful renting, and future home ownership. The Tenant Essentials course is not assessed and has no certification. This course is available in written format and in different languages.

The Tenant Essentials course forms a foundation to move into the comprehensive Responsible Tenant Certification called the “Responsible Tenant Passport”.

The Responsible Tenant Passport empowers tenants with a Certificate of Completion of the Responsible Tenant course, access to a Resources Toolkit to navigate the rental process in any jurisdiction, to stand out as an applicant, and to provide a pathway to future home ownership.

The Responsible Tenant course educates both first time and experienced tenants. It creates constructive tenant behavior, reduces property damage, and results in less conflict and evictions. The course educates tenants about all aspects of the rental cycle from finding a rental property to effectively moving out, empowering them to negotiate lease terms, undertake minor repairs, and communicate with landlords about potential problems. This certificated accreditation shows that tenant graduates have completed and passed the assessments of the education course.

Landlords value Responsible Tenants Passport certification because it demonstrates that the tenant has the knowledge and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of looking after a rental property. Responsible Tenants are preferred by Landlords because they are educated and have access to the Training Resources for living in a property.




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