Effective Landlord – online course

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For Landlords: Be an Effective Landlord, is aimed at residential landlords and property investors, and property managers.The course aims at proving a business approach to being a landlord through a 6-stage approach. The Resources and Tools are guides for landlords AND tenants to look after a property.  Educated Landlord and Tenants  through education reduces conflict between landlord and tenant, reduces risk and increases profitability and asset value.



Renters Pass for Effective Landlord, is a course aimed at small (non-commercial) landlords, property investors, and property managers. A best practice business approach to being a landlord is explained through 6-stages.

The training shows how to maximize revenue from renting and to develop long term asset value. We discuss identifying a target market and marketing to that market, managing the property effectively to maximize profitability, reducing damage and through low vacancy.

The certification and ongoing access will allow an Effective Landlord guide their tenants through an education process, reduce conflict between landlord and tenant, reduce risk, reduce insurance costs and to gain preferred loans.

Includes a bonus course “Resources and Life skills”.