CSP Chapter 3 Quiz: Sign the Lease and Move In Quiz

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  1. 3 A tenant can ask for changes to a lease before they agree to sign the lease.1
  2. 3 When a landlord and a tenant sign a rental lease agreement, the following is true:1
  3. 3 Why is it important to conduct a full property inspection before moving in?1
  4. 3 Moving is considered one of life’s big stressors. What can you do to help reduce the stress of a move?1
  5. 3 What other documents are useful when recording a property inspection?1
  6. 3 What can a tenant expect to pay up front when signing a lease agreement?1
  7. 3 A rental lease agreement gives all the rights to the landlord and none to the tenant.1
  8. 3 What should you do if you’re going to be late making a rent payment?1
  9. 3 Why is it advisable never to pay rent or deposits in cash?1
  10. 3 What is the most significant difference between a landlord’s insurance and a renter’s insurance?1
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