Fewer rentals means tenants must get SMART, change EXPECTATIONS or PAY MORE!

Despite lack of rental housing, several economic facts are constant. With fewer available properties choices often come to delaying your move, putting up with problems, change your lifestyle, or living with uncertainty, or price increases. Often overlooked is that landlords want RESPONSIBLE TENANTS, and tenants CAN SHOW landlords they are able to work together for a win-win solution.

Landlords, property managers, tenants and investors have come together to provide a manual for tenants to beat the odds. See RentersPass.org website and how you can get the “Responsible Tenants Certificate”, or get the Renters Pass Responsible Tenant manual from Amazon.  Get the tools for your rental success at your fingertips. Do your research! Create a rental application that meets the landlord’s criteria! Shows why you are the best renter for property!

RentersPass.org meets all your rental needs 24/7