Frequently Asked Questions About The Renter’s Pass Program

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Q: What is Renters Pass – Responsible Renters Course / Effective Landlord Course / Resources and Toolkit?

A: Renters Pass provides resources for renters and landlords to be successful.

The Responsible Renters Course teaches renters about the steps in the residential rental process, and provides a Certificate to show their commitment to quality housing.

The Effective Landlord teaches landlords about creating a foundation for a successful rental relationship with a renter, how to develop and manage the property profitably, and how to find and know their rights and legal obligations.

The Resources Toolkit provides an easy and credible place to find out most things you need to know about creating a safe and healthy home, and common life skills for new and experienced home creators. This includes do-it-yourself videos, checklists, references to sources for assistance and laws relating to rental homes.

Q:Why should a renter consider the Renters Pass Certificate?

A:Renters and Landlords both have access to the SAME information and a COMMON understanding of their respective rights and obligations. This reduces the chances of conflict.

Renters benefit because they will be better candidates for rental properties, will find better properties, have better relationships with landlords, save time and money, and have less conflict. Renters will be able to identify landlords that are committed to providing quality homes and constructive relationships. Renters will have the best chance of getting their full security deposits back.

Q: Why should Landlord complete the Renters Pass Certificate?

A:Landlords benefit because they find better renters who will be more responsible, better understand expectations and obligations, and will work with them to look after the property. Landlords will identify responsible renters that are committed to quality housing and constructive relationships. Landlords will improve their profits by having renters that maintain the property, reduce management time and energy, will stay longer, and leave the property in better condition when they move out. Landlords will also know how to improve their profits through better property management and to achieve long term asset value.

Q: How are renters EMPOWERED?

A: Renters know the rental laws relating to where they live. A clear understanding of rights and obligations helps renters to understand their leases, to add clauses that benefit them, and to keep the landlord accountable.

Q:Why should a renter sign up for Renters Pass?

Renters Pass gives a lifetime access to the Responsible Renters course AND to the Resources Toolkit. Once the quizzes are successfully completed, the “Renters Pass Responsible Renters Certificate” is ready for printing. This certificate is a gold standard that shows commitment to quality housing.

Q:Is the Renters Pass certificate valuable?

Renters Pass sets a “gold standard” for renters education. The course is designed with input from experienced renters, tenants, property managers, and investors. The course uses the latest online technology to ensure that you learn at your convenience, at your own pace, and to help you retain the essential facts for successful renting.

Q:How long does it take to complete the Responsible Renters Certificate?

A: It depends on how much you already know. Experienced renters can try the quizzes first and if you pass, you will receive the Renters Pass Responsible Renters Certificate – about 30 minutes. Inexperienced renters should complete all lessons and quizzes – about 3-5 hours.

Q: What does “Life-Time” access mean?

A: Life time access means that the education course and the resources and toolkit will be available for the life of the web-site. As parents, educators, renters, and landlords we believe that better education will benefit our community and we are committed to Renters Pass indefinitely. We want our families, community and future generations to benefit from these life skills.

Q: What is the cost?

A: Renters pay $30 for lifetime access to the Renters Pass Responsible Renter Course, completing the Renters Pass Responsible Renters Certificate, and access to the Resources and Toolkit.

Landlords pay $50 for lifetime access to the Renters Pass Effective Landlord Course, completing the Effective Landlord Certificate, and access to the Resources and Toolkit.

Q:How long does the Renters Pass Certificate last?

A: For ever. Your must have your own registration to complete the course and to get your own Certificate. You can print your Certificate after passing all the quizzes. You can reprint your Certificate at any time.

Q:Why should landlords complete this course and require renters to complete this course?

Every landlord will benefit from completing the Effective Landlord Course because it will increase profits, improve renter relationships, and save time and money.

  • Landlords should assist renters in their success by:
  • Recognizing the Renters Pass Responsible Renters Course
  • Encourage renters to undertake the Responsible Renters Course
  • Recognize renters that conduct themselves in good housing practices
  • Reward Responsible Renters through invitations to rent, discounts or other means

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