become a Responsible and knowledgeable tenant

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Finally, a user’s manual
for Tenants!

The Responsible Tenants course empowers tenants by teaching all essential aspects of renting, by understanding their rights and obligations, and through access to DIY resources to develop safe homes. We teach tenants to create safe and healthy homes, to improve the benefits from the home, to collaborate with landlords, and through many life skills for housing success. This is a life-long value which can be applied to other areas on one’s life, to other geographic regions, and as pathways to secure long-term housing through renting or buying a home. The Renters Pass certification shows a commitment to quality housing and relationships.

Renters Pass: educational courses to empower tenants


Your Responsible Tenants Certificate shows your commitment to quality housing and relationships.

As a Responsible Tenant you are knowledgeable, responsible and have access information to look after a rental property.


You will know how to:


  • Increase your chances getting the rental that best fits your needs
  • Negotiate lease terms that betters suit your needs
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities a rental lease agreement
  • Know what your landlords obligations are and how to communicate effectively
  • Reduce your housing costs – finding, living in a home
  • Create a safe and healthy home for you and your family
  • Create a productive relationship with your landlord
  • Focus on the best use of the property for you and for the landlord
  • Have a good rental history, to have your landlord recommend you as a responsible renter
  • Avoid nasty evictions that will damage your reputation
  • How to get your security deposit back
  • Have a pathway to rental success and home ownership

Become a Responsible Tenant



Renters Pass is first of its kind education to help with one of life’s most challenging relationships. For just $30, we’ll help you build better partnerships and improve your rental experiences.


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My 20-year-old daughter is getting ready to move out. The Responsible Tenants course is exactly what she needs! I’m so grateful for it — it makes clear what her rights and responsibilities are, and can help prevent her from making some costly mistakes.

Sandra R.


Wish this course would’ve been available when I started renting a few years ago. Would’ve helped me deal with my landlord.

Blair L.